Razem Crew

Claudia Stavrositu

Owner, Producer

Phone: +40 740 050 504

E-mail: claudia@razem.ro

A very good tactician, full-fledged negotiator, team leader, well-educated person, she is an invaluable asset for all the people she works with and for all the projects that she manages.

Adrian Codoi

Executive Producer

Phone: +40 731 818 759

E-mail: adi@razem.ro

For 13 years he was the most appreciated Location Manager in the local industry fact that gave him the opportunity to work with big names from Hollywood such as Francis Ford Coppola and Todd Phillips and also kept his experience growing with many tv series and more then 600 commercials add up to his resume. He worked his way up to in the hierarchical path and for the last 7 years he is the best production manager in the market who succeeded to gain appreciation and respect from producers and colleagues with his managing skills, calm, upright and reliable character.

Alexandra Marinescu

Production Manager

Phone: +40 722 136 140

E-mail: alexandra@razem.ro

With a high level of organization and attention to detail accumulated in over 20 years of cinema, tv and reality shows coordinated, her abilities to deal with high stress and/or fast-paced situations, being a confident and clear communicator make her one of the key person for your project.

Dragos Penciu

Financial Controller

Phone: +40 754 645 469

E-mail: dragos@razem.ro

He is an experienced financial production controller in the local market, with more than 20 years in the tv and cinema industry. Proactive, intuitive and technically qualified, he oversees the financial operations with strong knowledge of the production process.

Lucia Craciuneanu

Production Legal

Phone: +40 745 448 313

E-mail: lucia@razem.ro

Having a general commercial law practice with a focus on entertainment, she is one of the best entertainment lawyers specialized in contract drafting and negotiation, tax matters, immigration matters, litigation or dispute resolution of any kind, whether in court, in administrative hearings or before government agencies, arbitrators or mediators