About Us

A new creative production company based in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in development, production and service of feature film, series for digital platforms and television, documentaries, commercials, music videos and full production services.

Our passion is for great stories, beautifully executed which can touch the heart of our viewers.

We dare to aim high: making shows that reach, impact and evoke change in the audiences!

With a vast expertise in production and international distribution of local content, our focus is to craft original ambitious projects with the intention of opening minds, inspiring and piquing the interest of our audience.

Our goal is to bring together professionals from the entertainment business to create and produce distinctive, diverse and extraordinary stories that inspire human connection.

Looking into the future, Razem plans to partnering with the most respectable international clients in the industry in order to attract and service runaway projects, which will finally enable Romania to grow its potential as film production center in Europe.